Digital content production

Audio and text, sound editing, video, editorial production, social media

online site builder

Screen text synced with audio voiceover for monitor display.
Two-channel sound production for installation.

Aliases for a reason


Sounding editing for Fruitmarket Gallery, producing audio for exhibition archive.

Sara Barker in conversation with Fiona Bradley

Phyllida Barlow: set


Video for projection, montor display, exhibition documentation.
With scripts written and recorded collaboratively.

Comfortably'Genia!', says Marauder,
The Nice ArmsLove without limits,
Muscle Damage


Editorial production experience. Digital production, copy editing, researching, writing and independent publishing.

Hedera Felix CIC indepenent publishers

a-n The Artists Information Company

Gnommero artist-led pamphlet series


Social media management for audience development and marketing.

Glasgow Zine Fest 2018
Hedera Felix CIC
@anartistsinfo Instagram
@an_artblogs Twitter